Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Latest Dental Journal Points For PG Entrance August 2010

All India AIIMS and other PG Entrance Exams are framing some "out of the box " questions. They usually come from recent journals. Students preparing for entrance hardly have time to go through these. So it was found that if a summarizing information is made available on relevant topics it would be of immense help to these students.
I have compiled the following  from the recent journal. I hope it helps all the students. Keep a vigil on this blog for similar compilations next week. 
1. Capsaicin and Alpha Lipoic Acid are the latest drugs which have shown effectiveness in controlling the symptoms of burning mouth.
Ref: Different therapeutic strategies for burning mouth syndrome: preliminary data by Roberto Marino, Sara Torretta, Pasquale Capaccio, Lorenzo Pignataro, Francesco Spadari J Oral Pathol Med (2010)    

2. Crestal Core Elevation Technique is the technique for Sinus lift procedures before implants. 
Ref: JOP Online, Effect of Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics on Pain Perception during Scaling by Ultrasonic or Hand Instruments : A Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial (doi:10.1902/jop.2010.090748)  

3. The latest cement having high compressive strength and permanent antibacterial action is the PQSA- Cement or the Poly Quaternary Ammonium Salt Cement
Ref: European Journal Of Oral Sciences, Short communication: A novel antibacterial dental glass-ionomer cement DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0722.2010.00770.

      Sunday, August 29, 2010

      7 Reasons Why The Future Of Dentistry Lies In Online Learning

      It is now an established fact that the future of Dentistry is in online learning. No doubt, some practical sessions are required.  I wrote this article after readin te latest issue of the Journal Of Oral Rehabilitation where J. SCHĂ–NWETTER, P. A. REYNOLDS, K. A. EATON, J. De VRIEShave written about the future of dental education going online. The greatest reasons that I feel this is true is because :
      1. Freedom to choose the area of interest rather than attend all boring lectures
      2. Easy access of information
      3. No need to skip clinical schedules
      4. Time management by dividing the course into small segments
      5. Flexible and customized study schedules
      6. Comprehensive immediate assessment
      7. Higher involvement
      We are definitely feeling a sense of satisfaction because your very own Discovering Dentistry has always made sincere attempts to make online dental education available at you fingertips.

      Tuesday, August 24, 2010

      Earn Free DCI Approved CDE Points Without Moving From Your Chair

      CDE points are the most sought after reason for conferences now. Since it is mandatory to earn certain CDE points, we have to gain it from all possibe resources.
      Sometimes time does not permit to leave a full fledged dental clinic and sometimes employed staff do not get permission and leave from the collges and hospital and thus loose CDE points.
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      Thanking You All.

      Sunday, August 15, 2010

      Fatal Error 001 In PGDEE

      If you are preparing for PG Entrance and you have gone through PGDEE from Elsevier publications, this error can cost you your PG seat.
      Page No. 12  Q No. 46: In taurodontism the affected teeth ehibit.. The Answer given is c) Elongated large pulp chambers and large roots.
      Page No. 24  Q No. 86: InTaurodontism the teeth exhibit .. The Answer given is a) Elongated large pulp chambers and short roots.

      Monday, August 9, 2010

      Is Dental Caries A Disease / Diagnosis, Or Only A Finding / Sign ?

      Is dental caries a disease or only a finding / sign ? Can caries be written in final diagnosis eg Final Diagnosis : Carious 36, 37 etc ?
      This topic is probably the most discussed in the dental fraternity. I would like to know what do you think and why ?

      Friday, August 6, 2010

      Worlds Largest Dental Calculus Weighing 2850 mg And 31mm X 32 mm

      The patient, 34 years old female, reported with the chief complaint of mobile teeth and bad breath. On examination it was found that she is having chronic generalize periodontitis. The most amazing finding however was a large calculus that lied in relation to the lower anterior teeth. One of tooth was completely embedded in the huge mass of calculus.
      I removed the labial aspect of calculus to find out that the tooth is really completely embedded in the calculus from occlusal to the apical area. The entire apex was inside the calculus. The root was not even attached to the gingiva and the alveolar bone was far below the calculus.
      After careful removal of the remaining part I weighed it in Pharmacology lab. It weighed a whopping 2850 mg. To measure the exact dimension I used Vernier calipers. The dimensions were 31 mm by 32 mm.
      Intraoral view of the patients, where this giant calculus was found.

      Tissue side of the calculus, mark the embedded apex in the calculus mass

      A huge mass of dental calculus removed from the lower lingual area.
      Measuring the same with Vernier Calipers
      Weighing the calculus in pharmacology lab.
      What are your comments for this. Please write it down here.

      Monday, August 2, 2010

      What is the cause of this central incisor notching?

      What is the cause of this central incisor notching?
      The patient is 32 years old male, presented with the chief complaint of sensitivity in anterior teeth.
      Bilateral Central Incisor Notching
      The story of this and similar cases is based on a very old tradition of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh And Some Areas of Bihar. Some people in these areas get their teeth tattooed with gold in various forms. Most common pattern is a triangle with three dots at each corner and apex at the superior end. Small round holes are drilled in the teeth with the help hand driven drills. The holes are placed at about 2 to 3 mm superior to the incisal edges. Gold is then filled in the prepared cavities.
      In this patient, the teeth underwent severe attrition which lead to the expulsion of the tattoos and conversion of round holes into semicircles which appear as notches.
      Finally the complete correct answer was given by Dr. Zulfiqar Hafeez (AMU) and a closest best was given by Dr. Anshul Gupta (JDC) and Dr. Kritika Roy (JDC).