Sunday, August 29, 2010

7 Reasons Why The Future Of Dentistry Lies In Online Learning

It is now an established fact that the future of Dentistry is in online learning. No doubt, some practical sessions are required.  I wrote this article after readin te latest issue of the Journal Of Oral Rehabilitation where J. SCHÖNWETTER, P. A. REYNOLDS, K. A. EATON, J. De VRIEShave written about the future of dental education going online. The greatest reasons that I feel this is true is because :
  1. Freedom to choose the area of interest rather than attend all boring lectures
  2. Easy access of information
  3. No need to skip clinical schedules
  4. Time management by dividing the course into small segments
  5. Flexible and customized study schedules
  6. Comprehensive immediate assessment
  7. Higher involvement
We are definitely feeling a sense of satisfaction because your very own Discovering Dentistry has always made sincere attempts to make online dental education available at you fingertips.