Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dramatic Appearance Of An Innocuous Gingival Lesion

The patient age 27 years male reported with the chief complaint of swelling and spontaneous bleeding from the lesion. Swelling started about 7 months back. Since then it is growing in size and shown increased tendency to bleed. No tenderness on palpation. Very soft in consistency. Profuse bleeding on palpation. Both the Maxillary Central Incisors have been RC treated about 3 years back.
The final diagnosis was Localized Inflammatory Gingival Hyperplasia

Post operative result at 14 days recall.
The treatment instituted was oral prophylaxis with manual scaling instruments. The patient was advised to swish and gargle with warm saline water 3 times a day. Second prophylaxis was performed after 7 days. The results can be seen in the above picture.