Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The oldest and the latest in dentistry

Mouse Tooth Grown From Stem Cells in Mouth
August 3, 2009—Denture wearers take note: Science is one step closer to growing replacement teeth "from seed."
Researchers at the Tokyo University of Science created a "tooth germ" from mouse stem Read More

9,000-Year-Old Drilled Teeth Are Work of Stone Age Dentists
Human teeth excavated from an archaeological site in Pakistan show that dentistry was thriving as recently as 9,000 years ago. Read More

Oldest Dentistry in Americas Found -- Fang Dentures?

he earliest dental patient in the Americas spent many hours with the dentist and likely experienced excruciating—perhaps deadly—pain, according to an analysis released today of skeletal remains uncovered in the volcanic highlands of west-central Mexico. Read more