Friday, August 6, 2010

Worlds Largest Dental Calculus Weighing 2850 mg And 31mm X 32 mm

The patient, 34 years old female, reported with the chief complaint of mobile teeth and bad breath. On examination it was found that she is having chronic generalize periodontitis. The most amazing finding however was a large calculus that lied in relation to the lower anterior teeth. One of tooth was completely embedded in the huge mass of calculus.
I removed the labial aspect of calculus to find out that the tooth is really completely embedded in the calculus from occlusal to the apical area. The entire apex was inside the calculus. The root was not even attached to the gingiva and the alveolar bone was far below the calculus.
After careful removal of the remaining part I weighed it in Pharmacology lab. It weighed a whopping 2850 mg. To measure the exact dimension I used Vernier calipers. The dimensions were 31 mm by 32 mm.
Intraoral view of the patients, where this giant calculus was found.

Tissue side of the calculus, mark the embedded apex in the calculus mass

A huge mass of dental calculus removed from the lower lingual area.
Measuring the same with Vernier Calipers
Weighing the calculus in pharmacology lab.
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