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VivaSens : A liquid desensitizer for the treatment of hyper sensitive tooth root surfaces

Varnish (Ethanol, Water and Hydroxypropylcellulose) containing potassium fluoride, polyethylenglycol dimethacrylate, and other methacrylates.

– treatment of hypersensitive cervicals.
– treatment of tooth sensitivities e.g. due to bleaching procedures.
– treatment of sensitivities occurring after professional tooth cleaning, scaling and root- planing procedures.
– dentin-protection below restorative materials


– If a patient is known to be allergic or hypersensitive to any of the material’s ingredients.
– If the sensitivity arises from pulpitis or other dental
– Pulp-capping with VivaSens

Side Effects
In individual cases contact with the mucous membranes
may result in short-term reversible irritation. Certain
ingredients of VivaSens may cause sensitization in
predisposed patients or dental personnel which can lead to
allergic contact dermatitis. In such cases, VivaSens should
not be used.

If VivaSens is used to protect dentin before adhesive
restorative treatment, compatibility with the chosen
adhesive must be considered. If used with the Total Etch
adhesive Excite®, VivaSens may be applied after the etching
step and always prior to the adhesive. Interactions with
other Total Etch adhesives (using the same treatment
procedure) are not to be expected but cannot be excluded.
Compatibility with other types of adhesives must be
checked by the user.

VivaSens Free Stand® Single Dose is applied by professional
dental personnel, using the pre-mounted and coated brush
provided. Do not use one single dose for more than one

Step by step application procedure

1.a Free Stand® Single Dose
– Remove the foil lid.
– Remove the white applicator brush from its chamber
and dip into the chamber containing the VivaSens
– Twirl the applicator around thoroughly in order to
mix the liquid with the ingredients contained on the
applicator brush.
1.b Bottle
– Squeeze 3 drops of VivaSens onto a mixing block.
– Mix the liquid well with one of the pre-coated
applicator brushes (Always use exactly 3 drops per
2. Clean all tooth surfaces thoroughly.
3. Dry the tooth surfaces with cotton pellets or a gentle
stream of air.
4. Apply VivaSens to the areas of the teeth affected by
hypersensitivity, using the disposable brush provided.
Gently rub the liquid into the teeth for at least
10 seconds, avoiding contact with the gingiva.
5. Evenly disperse the liquid and dry by gently blowing air
on the treated surfaces for 10 seconds.
Patient instruction
Advise patients not to rinse, eat, drink or brush their teeth
for at least 30 minutes following treatment.

Repeat the application if sensitivity recurs or persists.

– VivaSens liquid is an irritant. The coating on the
applicator brush is corrosive. Contact with the skin,
mucous membranes and eyes should be avoided.
– If contact with the eyes should occur, rinse immediately
with water and consult a doctor/ophthalmologist.
If the product comes into contact with the skin, wash
thoroughly with soap and water.
– Repeated skin contact may cause sensitivity to
– Standard medical gloves do not offer protection from
sensitization to methacrylates.
– Easily flammable. VivaSens contains ethanol and must
be kept away from sources of ignition.

– Shelf-life: see expiry date on the Single Dose
– Do not use material after the indicated date of expiration
– Storage temperature: 2–28°C (36–82°F)

Keep the material out of the reach of children!
For dental use only!

Ivoclar Vivadent AG
FL-9494 Schaan/Liechtenstein
The material has been developed solely for use in dentistry. Processing should
be carried out strictly according to the Instructions for Use. Liability cannot be
accepted for damages resulting from failure to observe the Instructions or the
stipulated area of application. The user is responsible for testing the material for
its suitability and use for any purpose not explicitly stated in the Instructions.
Descriptions and data constitute no warranty of attributes and are not binding.

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