Sunday, January 4, 2009

Step by step procedure to apply tooth jewellery : Skyce, Ivoclar Vivadent

Model displaying Skyce on the left lateral incisor

Instructions for Use


Skyce is a range of crystal glass tooth jewellery.
The stones are bonded to the labial surfaces of
natural upper anterior teeth without invasive

Colour and sizes

– transparent
Step by step application
1. A rubber dam must be placed to avoid the
aspiration or swallowing of the tooth jewellery.
2. The contact surface of the tooth must be
professionally cleaned with brushes or cups and
polishing paste, eg Proxyt.
3. A 37-% phosphoric acid gel (eg Total Etch) is
applied to the contact surface. The diameter of
the etched surface must be slightly larger than
that of the stone.
Note: The tooth must be etched for at least 60 s.
4. After 60 s of etching, thoroughly rinse off the
phosphoric acid with water.
5. Carefully dry the tooth surface.
6. Apply a thin coat of Heliobond or Tetric Evo-
Flow onto the etched region.
7. Apply Heliobond or Tetric EvoFlow to the clean
reverse side of Skyce and place the stone on
the tooth surface. Some Heliobond or Tetric
EvoFlow must come out along the sides of the
stone to provide a setting for the stone.

In order to optimize the bond, fully coat the stone
with a thin layer of Heliobond. This does not
impair the lustre of the stone.
Note: Tetric EvoFlow is unsuitable for this pur-


Setting the tooth jewellery with Heliobond
or Tetric EvoFlow.
8. The jewel must be light cured for at least 40 s
both from the labial and palatal aspects (eg
with bluephase®).
9. If, in rare cases, excess has to be removed, only
use silicone polishers. Rotary instruments must
not touch the stone to prevent scratching.


1. It is easier to apply Skyce if it is held with a
probe to which soft wax or a bit of adhesive
material from the tip of a OptraStick has been
2. Do not touch the stone with your fingers or
allow it to become contaminated with saliva. If
Skyce is contaminated, carefully clean the stone
with acrylic pellets in an alcohol bath.
3. For information about the side effects and
interactions of the cementation materials and
the phosphoric acid gel as well as any
warnings, see the corresponding Instructions
for use
4. Skyce can be removed whenever desired.

Keep out of the reach of children. For use in dentistry only.


  1. sir i need 3 tooth jewellery n m not able to get them . i m at kolkata please inform me obout this

  2. They are freely available with Dental Instruments and Material Dealers. You can tell any dealer he will get it for you. I CANT site any particular dealer. It was also quite an attraction at Expodent New Delhi. If you are a dentist then ask some fellow dentists who have been there. You can also find it at conferences stalls.