Thursday, January 15, 2009

Portable Rotary Endodontic Unit Apex Locator Built In

SIROEndo Pocket –
The mobile endodontic solution
Safety to go

The true advantages of SIROEndo Pocket pay off, if you perform root canal preparation in several treatment rooms. The battery-powered compact unit can be used easily wherever and whenever needed. And of course, you can also used it while it is being charged. Besides the integrated apex locator the SIROEndo Pocket includes a file library. On top of that it is easy to handle because of the clearly arranged keypad, the flexible tilting of the display for the optimal viewing comfort and the individual choice of the language setting.

Your product advantages:

* Apex Locator
The integrated apex locator ensures optimal measuring accuracy without a file clamp when using the Sirona ENDO 6:1 contra-angle handpiece.
* Wireless treatment
SIROEndo Pocket is equipped with a storage battery. Operating time is approximately 2 hours. The unit also can be used while the battery is being charged.
* Intuitive operation
The clearly arranged keypad with easy to understand icons.
* New motor holder
The holder offers perfect seating of the motor and can easily be removed, cleaned and disinfected.
* Easy to use
In the preprogrammed file library you can find the settings for many file systems with the different file types

International customers:
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  1. what is the product cost?

  2. KIndly contact at the above address for international customers or email at the given address