Thursday, February 12, 2009

Developmental Anomalies : Fibromatosis Gingivae; Etiology Clinical Features Oral Manifestations and Treatment

The disease is characterized by the diffuse nodular or smooth overgrowth of the gingiva.
One or both the arches can be affected.
The appearance of the gingival lesion coincides with the time of eruption of the central incisors.
Some times it has been noted at the time of birth.
It is neither painful nor hemorrhagic.
If it occurs before the eruption of the teeth it interferes with their eruption.
If it occurs after eruption then the growth is extensive enough to cover the crowns.
The epithelium is thickened with elongated rete pegs. The dense fibrous connective tissue comprises the major bulk of the lesion.
The blood vessels are few in number.
Surgery can be done to facilitate the eruption of the teeth.
Cosmetic reasons also require surgical approach.

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