Thursday, February 5, 2009

Developmental Anomalies : Fordyces Granules; Etiology Clinical Features Oral Manifestations and Treatment

The sebaceous glands sometimes ectopically develop in the various intraoral sites and are known as Fordyce’s granules.
The molar area of the buccal mucosa is the most frequent site of occurrence of the Fordyce’s granules.
They appear as small yellow spots projecting from the surface of the oral mucosa.
The histologic feature is normal and is the same as found on the skin.
Treatment is not required.
Dr. Hamid's Tip
The letters YCES of ForDYCES granules have a lot of hidden information in them.
Y – Yellow Spots
C – Concentrated near molars
E – Ectopically erupted
S – Sebaceous Glands

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